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aw hell, i was gonna buy some sweet transformers from toys r us at really cheap prices, but they sold out while i was eating lunch.

money better spent on booze anyway i guess, but i miss new toys.

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there has gotta be a tech news site worth reading

/. is increasingly going downhill, the articles posted are getting stupider and the commenters are also on that path.

digg is still aggravatingly immature, I can't stand articles with spelling errors in the HEADLINES, and there are too many dupes and the commenters are like this amazing fountain of crap.


more dorky musicblogging

so I am listening to the album Osaka Popstar and the American Legends of Punk, which is an album featuring members of the Ramones, the Misfits, Black Flag, and the Voidoids, and some random dude I never heard of singing.

singing about ANIME.

even setting aside the profoundly oxymoronic idea of a punk rock supergroup, the concept of OP&tALP is just unsustainably dorky, imho. the whole project just reeks of overwhelming fanboyism. I mean, filk alone... it's something either sung at cons by a bearded choral group, or by a band trying to camp it up a bit (and I speak as a man who'd like to start an indie band that sings songs about Star Trek. We'd call ourselves The EPS Conduits [or even better, a band that sings songs about Halo, Marathon, Myth, and other Bungie games! We'd be called Frog Blast the Vent Core!]).

to see filk done this earnestly and with such relatively high production values just makes me cringe a little (a song about Sailor Moon? HURK). making it even worse is the fact that the singer is also a huge punk fanboy as well and is obviously having the time of his life singing with 'The American Legends of Punk', so it's like an extra frosting of fannishness on top of the anime.

so AIM is broken AGAIN

if all you punks could switch to Google Talk already then I wouldn't be all lonely here in the lab while my cells are incubating.

also, Berit, have you heard of the band Surferosa? They came up on Pandora and I decided I really liked that song and they played at SXSW and are Norwegian to boot so I thought you might know them/like them or something.

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damnit I had something both important and interesting to say, but now all I can remember is that I had some really fantastic fresh salsa earlier this evening.

edit: now I remember what I want to say, which is that I have been playing the terrific old-school adventure game 'Beneath a Steel Sky,' a cyberpunk mystery set in a post-apocalyptic Australia. It's free at ScummVM, which also lets you play the other great games of the LucasArts adventure era.

also, I got an email saying I got a refund from the bursar, which turned out, upon further inspection, to be the first half of my summer stipend which had been deposited there.

some questions for you peoples:

1. do any of you have suggestions for Important Things One Needs In An Apartment for the Summer? I have the basics down (fan, etc, the various crap that I had in my room) but I kinda need to find out about any wacky kitchen stuff I might find I need or cleaning stuff or such.

2. do any of you watch Lost, other than me? I'm almost done with season 2...