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some people like things left unspoken

I prefer to have it out in the open

star-crossed cosmonaut
17 November
802.11b, a-10 attack, aclu, aleph one, american magic and dread, amnesty international, antihistamines, apple computer, audiophilia, bad movies, battle dress uniforms, belle & sebastian, big red tape, biohacking, brackets, burning out, cardboard boxes, cascading style sheets, cbta, centers for disease control, clementines, cold war, complexity theory, conspiracy theories, consumer aesthetics, cordless mouses, cornell, cross-dressing, cty, cynicism, dark forces, demorgan's law, desperation, dna polymerase, don delillo, dryer lint, duct tape, edward lear, ejection seats, elegance, em dashes, enzymes, escapism, euphemism, evolution, evolutionary biology, fallout, firewire, florence flasks, fluxus, flying, fonts, fountain pens, glasses, hermaphroditism, hiccuping, hudson river, human-cyborg relations, idealism, illustrator, immolation, information masturbation, interlibrary loan, international affairs, interruptions, irony, irrational numbers, joysticks, katanas, lactose intolerance, lighting, lj-cut, long nails, lost causes, macs, manned spaceflight, memetics, metro-north, minimalism, model united nations, molecular biology, moxy fruvous, myopia, neal stephenson, nepal, netroots, new york city, nomadology, nonsense, origami, paper airplanes, parentheses, perfectionism, photocopiers, pockets, postmodernism, precipitation, procrastination, propellerheads, propositional calculus, reforms, residencies, revolutions, richard dawkins, robert heinlein, rumors, screwdrivers, secondhand clothes, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, semicolons, shuttlecraft, singularities, skepticism, sleep, smart quotes, snow crash, social netwar, social responsibility, sociometrics, soul coughing, space travel, star trek, stop signs, subways, super soakers, tasp, telekinesis, telluride house, telnet, they might be giants, thoughtful hedonism, ti-89, tissues, typography, urban tribes, vectors, vintage shopping, violent femmes, wastebaskets, weezer, westchester, white noise, wrists, zapatistas